Iconic Audubon Bird Framed for Drama

For a twist on the classic gold-framed Audubon, we chose a 2-1/2 inch contemporary frame with a reverse cove and a matte panel. The yellow gold is laid over a purple clay, subtly altering the finish. Since the image goes to the edge of the paper, we floated the artwork in a nest of dark blue linen with a hint of steel. The overall effect is clean, bold, and striking.

John James Audubon is well known for his work The Birds of America published from 1827 to 1838. During his expedition along the Mississippi River, he studied, documented, and illustrated a total of 471 birds. Audubon's original watercolors were printed in a collection of the Fifty Best by the New York Historical Society in 2006 and, later, his full body of work. The New-York Historical Society Edition of Audubon’s watercolors is limited to 200 sets.

Printed with archival pigments on 100% rag watercolor paper, these prints directly capture the Audubon’s hand. Each image is individually sized to match the exact dimensions of the original painting. This is an actual-size first edition printing of the watercolors and will assume an important position among the collectible editions of Audubon’s work.