Set of Terrestrial & Celestial Globes


  • Author: Cary
  • Date: Terrestrial:1821 & Celestial:1816
  • Medium: Globe
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: Height of stand: 24 1/2" Diameter of Globe: 12"
  • Centimeters: Height of stand: 61.54 Diameter of Globe: 30.77
  • Price: Price on Request

Cary's New Celestial Globe, on which are correctly laid down upwards of 3,500 Stars Selected from the most accurate observations and calculated for the year 1800, With the extent of each Constellation precisely defined By Mr. Gilpin of the Royal Society. J. & W. Cary, Strand London, Jan 1 1816.

Terrestrial Globe: Cary's New Terrestrial Globe, Delineated From the best Authorities extant: Exhibiting the late Discoveries towards the North Pole, and every improvement in Geography to the present Time. J. & W. Cary, Strand London, March 15, 1821.

These lovely Late Georgian globes were created by the Cary firm of London, one of England's leading globe publishers from the early 1790s until its closing in 1850. Brass hour discs surmount and brass meridians vertically encircle the globes, which are each supported by four mahogany arms rising out of a mahogany tripod stand with a compass mounted with struts 'twixt the shapely legs.

On the celestial globe, stars are distinguished by their orders of magnitude, and planetary clusters and nebulae are depicted. Mythical figures in the Baroque style are superimposed upon the constellations.

On the terrestrial globe, the routes of explorers such as Cook and Vancouver are delineated, and mountain ranges and other geological features are graphically modeled. Many place names are provided. A Table of Equation shows the difference of time between the clock and the sun, as well as the declination of the sun for every day in the year.
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