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Botanical Inspired Biodegradable Phone Case

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Join the plastic-free movement with this beautiful botanical phone case featuring a botanical image from the year 1613!

Basilius Besler (1561–1629), Nuremberg apothecary and botanist, changed the course of botanical illustration with the publication of his masterwork Hortus Eystettensis in 1613. Besler produced an illustrated codex (also known as a florilegium, literally 'a gathering of flowers') that recorded every plant growing in a prized European botanical garden. Though a Swedish invasion from 1633-34 destroyed the gardens, in 1998 they were reconstructed and reopened to the public of Eichstätt.

The iconic botanical images of Hortus Eystettensis are known for their vibrant opaque color and wide variety of specimens.

This wonderful Hyacinth image, Hyacinthus Orientalis immortalizes the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


Made from PLA plant polymer and bamboo fibers, these slim and lightweight cases naturally biodegrade 160 days after disposal. They also support wireless charging for hassle-free battery charging on the go. 


.: Premium quality biodegradable PLA polymer
.: Matte finish
.: Slim form and lightweight design
.: Supports wireless charging