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Nieuwe Kaart van Ierland: Tirion, 1754

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  • Title: Nieuwe Kaart van Ierland
  • Author: Isaak Tirion
  • Date: 1754
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Very good - folds, well executed hand color
  • Inches: 13 3/8 x 10 7/8 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 33.97 x 27.62 [Image]
  • Product ID: 308122

 Map of Ireland by Isaak Tirion, a prominent Dutch cartographer of the 18th century.

Isaak Tirion was a Dutch mapmaker and publisher who lived from 1705 to 1765. Born in Utrecht, he quickly made a name for himself publishing pamphlets as well as maps and atlases. Tirion was known for his attention to detail and accuracy in his cartography. Based in large part on maps by Guillaume de l’Isle, his works were highly regarded for their clarity and elegance, making them popular with both scholars and the general public.

Tirion's legacy as a mapmaker and publisher has endured through the centuries. His maps and atlases are still highly prized by collectors today for their beauty and historical significance, and his contributions to the field of cartography continue to be recognized and appreciated by scholars around the world.