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Sale and Appraisal Inquiries

At The Antiquarium, we are passionate about acquiring interesting antique prints, maps, documents, and photos. Many times, these items can be found in private collections; if you think you have something we might be interested in, please contact us by phone or email!

Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

Sale Inquiries

- Please keep in mind we are primarily interested in works over 100 years old.

- We deal almost exclusively in engravings, old maps, and documents, as well as antique globes, scientific instruments, and atlases produced from the years 1500 - 1900.

- The small amount of twentieth-century material we possess is almost exclusively limited to:

          - Houston and Texas history

          - The oil and gas industry

          - Fine WWI & II items (excluding firearms)

          - Original photographs.

WE DO NOT PURCHASE the following items:

          - Old frames

          - Oil or watercolor paintings

          - Furniture

          - Jewelry

          - Sculpture

          - Pottery

          - Sports memorabilia

          - Musical instruments


          - Vinyl records

          - Toys

          - Radios

          - Televisions and appliances

          - Reference books or textbooks

          - Comic books

          - Newspapers

Appraisals and Opinions of Value

- We are not licensed to perform official appraisals. However, we can offer an opinion of value if we are familiar with the work.

- Because we deal almost exclusively with objects and images over 100 years old, we do not offer opinions on the value of contemporary imagery or objects.

- As value cannot be determined from a picture, accurate appraisals of an object's worth require an in-person assessment. 

- For emails inquiries, please include photos of the piece. An appointment may be scheduled during regular business hours for items we wish to review.

- We always appreciate hearing from our clientele. However, we do receive many inquiries each week; while we strive to respond promptly to anyone who contacts us, at times we may need to limit our replies to those inquiries in which we have potential interest.