Sale & Appraisal Inquiries

At The Antiquarium we are passionate about adding interesting antique prints, maps, documents and photos to our collection. Many rare and beautiful objects held in private collections. If you think you have something we might be interested in, please email or call us to explain the piece and we'll review what you have. We typically don't buy directly from individuals unless the piece is particularly exceptional.

Phone: (713) 622-7531

For emails, please include photos of the piece.An appointment may be scheduled during regular business hours for items we wish to review.

Please keep in mind we are primarily interested in works over 100 years old. We deal almost exclusively in engravings, old maps, documents, and some early 20th century photos. We also deal in antique globes, scientific instruments, and atlases. We are interested in items related to Texas history, Houston, the oil industry and fine WWII items (excluding firearms).

Things we DO NOT deal in, and will not look at:

Old Frames
Oil or Watercolor Paintings
Sports Memorabilia

Musical instruments
Vinyl Records
Radios, Televisions, or Appliances
Reference books, Text Books, Comic Books
Modern Maps (1950's or Newer)
News Papers

We can offer ideas on what a piece might be worth if we're familiar with the work. Because we deal almost exclusively with objects and images over 100 years old, we do not offer opinions of value on contemporary imagery or objects. Value cannot be determined from a picture. Opinions of value must be provided in person.