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Framing Consultations

In addition to framing art from our gallery, we frame many pieces of customer art. Every day, customers bring in their own pieces for us to frame, from fine art to treasured family photographs and historical artifacts. Every piece that comes through our doors possesses a unique story, and we are honored to assist in the telling of it. Come and see us any time during business hours for an in-person consultation with one of our designers.

We Also Do Virtual Consultations!

Whether you wish to frame a piece you've purchased from our site prior to shipping, or are simply looking to design framing from the comfort of your own home, we are happy to work with you!

1. Call or email us to set up a virtual appointment

We will discuss your item, framing specifications, and design possibilities. We are also happy to design over video chat if you would like to be more involved in the process.

2. Based on your input, we will create several design options for you

We will send photographs to you by mail, email, or fax, along with our quote. We'll continue to work with you until we settle on a satisfactory design and price.

If you are framing one of your own pieces with us, we request that you make arrangements to drop off or ship your artwork to us as soon as possible. Having the artwork in front of us allows us to take exact measurements and finalize the design, which will then determine the final cost of your piece.

3. We ask for at least a 50% deposit, after receipt of which we will finalize your order

If you wish to frame a piece from our site, please make sure to contact us before or soon after you place your order online - this will ensure your artwork is not shipped before a framing consultation