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Why Choose Us to Frame?
Our Guide to Custom Picture Framing

Quality Picture Framing will enhance the appearance of your rare maps and artwork, though its importance goes beyond mere aesthetics. Choosing a reputable custom framer is one of the smartest long term investments you can make. Our team of artisans use only museum-quality archival materials to ensure your artwork remains chemically and physically stable and protected from the rigors of time.

The proof:  Our team has more than FIFTY YEARS of experience designing and crafting custom picture framing.  We have served over 30,000 satisfied clients with the highest quality custom picture framing.  If you've made the investment in a rare map, or want to preserve an important family heirloom, let us help you ensure it is preserved for future generations.

The sad truth is many "custom framers" are still using inappropriate materials and technique, either from ignorance, or to save time or money.  Too often we see clients who spent big bucks on their collection have important pieces compromised by poor framing.  Techniques have also been vastly updated in the last 20 years.  An important item in old framing is at great risk of deterioration.  Take a look at your collection - do you see browning?  Foxing?  Dull color?  All are indications of trouble.   We consult on restoration and proper custom picture framing of these tragedies on a weekly basis. 

If it is important, preserve it.

Our Handmade Frames: A Legacy of Craftsmanship

At The Antiquarium, we offer a wide variety of quality handmade custom picture frames. These are sent to us from workshops around the world with legacies that span generations. The craftsmanship of these pieces is truly unmatched, and we take a great deal of pride in our selection. Because we work directly with frame makers, handmade frames allow immense freedom in terms of customization - from altering colors, to ornamentation, to adjusting the depth of a frame. Our handmade frames are truly special, and we think you'll feel the same.

Inside the
Custom Picture Frame


Our highly skilled framers have years of experience working with fabric. They create incredible embossed detailing on fabric mats and backing, the perfect addition to any shadowbox or float frame. We also offer paper cutout detailing, a popular addition to many of the college diplomas we frame.


Other Framing and Display Options: Statuary, Historical Artifacts, etc.

If you have an item you would like to display that will not fit in a standard custom picture frame,  we will work closely with you on display alternatives.  We collaborate with expert fabricators who have years of experience constructing museum quality display cases for pieces of every shape and size.

Length Moulding

At times, length moulding is appropriate due to a piece's size, the budget, or time constraints. Because this moulding comes pre-made to us for assembly, options for customization are limited.  We have thousands of beautiful length moulding samples in stock for these projects.