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Silk Escape Map, Normandy & Southern France: c.1940

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  • Title: Silk Escape Map, Normandy & Southern France
  • Date: c.1940
  • Condition: Very good, some fraying at edges 
  • Inches: 20 x 17 [Sheet]
  • Centimeters: 50.8 x 43.18 [Sheet]
  • Product ID: 308164

Silk escape map of Normandy France with southern France on verso.

Silk escape maps were used by Allied servicemen during World War II to help them escape from behind enemy lines. They were made of silk because it was a lightweight, tear-resistant, and waterproof material that could be easily concealed. The maps were printed with highly detailed information about the terrain, roads, railways, rivers, and other landmarks in the area. They could also include information about escape routes, safe houses, and friendly forces. Silk escape maps were instrumental in helping Allied servicemen evade capture and return to safety.