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Pianta Guida della Città di Roma: Litografia Bulla c. 1895

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  • Title: Pianta Guida della Città di Roma
  • Author: Litografia Bulla
  • Date: c. 1895
  • Medium: Hand-colored lithograph
  • Condition: Excellent - dissected and laid on cartographic linen, some areas of minor surface dirt
  • Inches: 20 1/2 x 27 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 52.07 x 68.58 [Image]
  • Product ID: 317056

Pianta Guida della Città di Roma Veduta a volo d'uccello pubblicata dalla Litografia Bulla.

"Guide Map of the City of Rome from a bird's eye view published by Litografia Bulla."

Guide map of the city of Rome, Italy bordered with an index corresponding to locations on the map. A color-coded legend indicates designations within the map such as water, cultivated land, churches, hotels, and Roman ruins. Stylistically, the map exaggerates in size certain iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Trajan's Column, the Pantheon, etc. Dashed lines in blue and red mark tram routes and the boundaries between the city's various wards.