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Richardsons New Map of the State of Texas: 1858 [1859]

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  • Title: Richardsons New Map of the State of Texas
  • Author: Willard Richardson
  • Date: 1858 [1859]
  • Medium: Hand-colored lithograph
  • Condition: See description 
  • Inches: 34 x 26 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 86.36 x 66.04 [Paper]
  • Product ID: 308088

Important Antebellum Map of Texas issued for Willard Richardson's Texas Almanac for 1859

Large scale map providing a highly accurate depiction of the state.  Numerous legends show gold and copper regions, forts and fortifications the all important water sources on the Staked Plains (some highly speculative), counties, roads, and mail/stage routes. Indicates mountain ranges, tablelands, numerous Indian tribes and trails, and DESOLATE PLAINS DEVIOD OF TIMBER in southwest Texas.  Railroads completed and in progress are particularly well documented with a key in the lower left corner listing the

completed railroads and their planned additions, as well as the Galveston Bay and Brazos River canal. Large inset map of the West in lower right (including the proposed ARIZONIA Territory) showing the Proposed Route of the Arkansas Railroad and Proposed R.R. to Guaymas. The precision derives from excellent source material including the Topographical Engineers' Map of Texas and part of New Mexico (1857), Pressler's Map of the State of Texas (1858) and Young's Map of the State of Texas, which was published in Desilver's 1859 New Universal Atlas.

Apparently the same map was used for the 1862 almanac, with a paste-over on the table of railroads at the lower left that updates the railroad information. On the present map it is stated, for instance, that the Buffalo B., Brazos, and Colorado R.R. to Austin has 50 miles completed, whereas, the map for the 1862 almanac states that 80 miles have been completed on that line. The present map has the year 1859 in the title, and the 1862 map has the year as 1861.

There were three issues of this map under Richardson’s imprint: 1859, 1860 and 1861, each dated as such and issued for the corresponding edition of the Texas Almanac. The almanacs for 1857, and 1862-65 did not contain maps. The present 1859 (title date) map is substantially larger than its predecessors and successors. Two smaller maps appeared in the Richardson Almanacs: J.H. Young's Map of the State of Texas (from Desilver's atlas) with the 1858 Almanac and Richardson's New Map of Texas, published by Colton (Day #428) in the 1867 Almanac. All these maps were published separately as an option for buyers of the almanac to purchase. Because they were an option, they are seldom found with the almanac and are extremely rare. Most of the maps from the series were sold in Texas. The chaos of the Civil War and frontier times, plus the deleterious climate of Texas on printed materials, resulted in few copies of the maps surviving, and those that survived are in less than fine condition. This map would be a great addition to any Texas collection.


Original color refreshed, full margins, loss at folds with expert restoration, with paper reinstatement and facsimile in several locations.  Good example of a very scarce map.