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Texas Compiled from the latest and best Authorities: Jeremiah Greenleaf 1842

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  • Author: Jeremiah Greenleaf
  • Date: 1842
  • Condition: Very fine, near flawless.
  • Inches: 14.75 x 12
  • Product ID: 305016

Early Republic of Texas Map in Stunning Condition

One of the earliest maps to show the counties of an independent Texas.

Greenleaf's map depicts conservative boundaries, with the boundary between Texas and Mexico along the Nueces River instead of the Rio Grande, and the northern boundary along the Red River rather than the Arkansas River. Although this map does not extend to include the panhandle, it is one of the earliest to delineate Texas counties rather than the empressario grants. Counties are up to date for 1838, with the newly organized Fannin and Galveston, but just prior to the organization of Harrison. Development is confined to areas to the east of San Antonio and Austin, with the areas to the west void of detail except for the river system and the locations of a few Indian tribes.

Shows locations of roads, cities and settlements, and military installations. Indian villages and the locations of various western Indian tribes depicted. Parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, the Indian Territory, and the Mexican state of New Leon (Nueva Leon) also displayed.