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Map of the City of San Jose: Clayton 1886

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  • Title: Map of the City of San Jose
  • Author: James A. Clayton
  • Date: 1886
  • Medium: Chromolithograph
  • Condition: Good - two conjoined sheets as issued, light age toning and foxing, expert repairs to areas of paper loss in margins and image
  • Inches: 40 x 36 1/4 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 101.6 x 92.08 [Paper]
  • Product ID: 3110053
of the
City of San Jose
Published by
James A. Clayton
Real Estate Agent
San Jose, Cal.
Copyrighted by James A. Clayton
Lith. Britton & Rey, S. F

Rare largescale map of the city of San Jose, California at the convergence of the Guadalupe and Coyote Rivers. Features colored overlays indicating the locations of important buildings, parks, and institutions, and is superimposed with concentric circles increasing in increments of a quarter mile to show scale. Also labels the city's various tracts of land in process of development.