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3 Dollar Change Note, Red Back Series 1840

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  • Author: Republic of Texas
  • Date: 1840
  • Medium: Original Currency
  • Condition: Good, with excellent framing (see notes)
  • Inches: 8 1/2 x 3
  • Centimeters: 21.79 x 7.69
  • Product ID: 101925

The Austin change notes and non-interest bearing redbacks are now known as the 4th and 5th series commonly referred to as the Republic of Texas series. The second series of change notes and the redbacks are often lumped together and collected as a set because of their similar designs and use of allegorical figures. There are differences in paper, designers, engraving firms, and the printed reverse on the denominations of $5 and above which dominate the 5th series. the primary commonality is the similar design of the bills and that both issues bear the wording "The Republic of Texas" across the face.

Condition:  As usual with Republic era currency note is cut cancelled, marginal tears and fraying, one half-inch tear into note at signature, tide marked, wrinkled.  All in all a nicely preserved rare survivor.

[Bevill 206]

The note is presented in museum quality Antiquarium framing featuring a handmade block-corner frame with a gilded lip and decorative gold stars applied to the corners. The note is float mounted on a fabric mat with a gold fillet around the opening, and protected by museum glass.