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Basin of the North Atlantic Ocean: Johnston

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  • Title: Basin of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Author: W. & A. K. Johnston
  • Date: 1861
  • Medium: Hand-colored chromolithograph
  • Condition: Very Good - light foxing, separation at bottom and top margins along issued center fold, surface dirt in margins
  • Inches: 24 1/4 x 19 1/4 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 61.6 x 48.9 [Paper]
  • Product ID: 101409

The figures on the Routes indicate the Shortest tracks in Sea Miles. 6 of which are equal to 7 Statute Miles. The Lanes for Steamers were proposed by Lieut. Maury in order to lessen the liability to collisions. The dotted line marks the centre of each Lane which is 20 to 25 miles broad.

Map of the North Atlantic Ocean showing all major sea routes between North and South America, Europe, and Africa.