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Boston and Surroundings: Walker Lithographic & Publishing Co. c. 1910

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  • Title: Boston and Surroundings
  • Author: Walker Lithographic & Publishing Co.
  • Date: c. 1910
  • Medium: Printed color
  • Condition: Excellent - A clean, colorful example, issued folding
  • Inches: 27 x 41 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 68.58 x 104.14 [Image]
  • Product ID: 317015

Large Map of Early 20th Century Boston and Surrounding Areas

This large-format map of the greater Boston area extends from Saugus south to Quincy and west to Newton. Highly detailed, it shows the the entire street grid pattern of the region with street names, bridges, railroads, parks, cemeteries, docks, and much more. Names some individual buildings in

Boston and shows good detail in Boston Harbor. Published at 400 Newbury Street in Boston. Dissected into 30 panels and backed with linen. Self-folding with paper title label.