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Carte De La Louisiane Et Du Cours Du Mississipi "The Map That Named Texas"

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The Map That Named Texas

One of the most important and influential maps of the eighteenth century, rendered here by Covens and Mortier a mere 12 years after the de L’Isle publication. Considered by many to be the main source of contemporary and later maps of the Mississippi, Texas and the Western United States. The accuracy of De L’Isle’s cartography accounts for its importance, the naming of Texas for its collectability.

Identifies Indian tribes and villages, with the ominous legend 'nomadic and man-eating Indians' along the Texas coast. Of utmost importance to Texas history, appearing along the Trinity River: 'Mission de los Tiejas, etablie in 1716.' Referring to early Spanish missions, this was the first appearance of a form of the name Texas on a printed map. De L’Isle’s rendering of Texas was a dramatic improvement over previous efforts. It features an improved depiction of the river system and coastline, and the first map to accurately identify the routes of all the early Texas explorers.

In museum quality 22kt white gold custom framing by The Antiquarium

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