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Flown "Skylab Weather Briefing Chart": Skylab 1 1972

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  • Author: Skylab 1
  • Date: 1972
  • Medium: 
  • Condition: Very Good Plus
  • Inches: 38 x 13.75 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 96.5 x 34.9 [Image]
  • Product ID: 307013

Full Title: "Skylab Weather Briefing Chart"

This weather chart was used by astronaut Paul Weitz, Skylab 1 Pilot, SL-2 Mission. Below is an excerpt from the signed inscription from him that accompanies this chart.

"A standard activity prior to any U.S. manned launch is to provide the flight crew with a world weather briefing. A launch abort, off course flight path, or early reentry could place the crew almost anywhere on the planet. We were given our briefing from this chart and carried it with us in case any flight mishap required its use. The map details all major weather fronts for our launch day as well as high/low pressure regions and rain shower areas."