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Les Isles Britanniques: Dezauche 1772

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  • Title: Les Isles Britanniques
  • Author: Jean Claude Dezauche
  • Date: 1772
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Excellent - crisp, clean impression on paper with the watermark of a Maltese cross encircled in rosary beads.
  • Inches: 22.4 x 18.7 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 56.9 x 47.5 [Image]
  • Product ID: 317030

Les Isles Britanniques ou sont le Rme. d'Angleterre tiré de Sped celuy d'Escosse tiré de Th. Pont &c. et celuy d'Irlande tire de Petti. Le tout rectifié par diverses Observations Par G. De L'Isle Geographe de l'Academie Royale des Sciences A Paris Chéz Dezauche, Successeur des Srs. De l'Isle et Buache, Rue des Noyers. Avec Privilege du Roy Revu et Corrigé en 1772.

"The British Isles or are the Kingdom of England taken from Speed that of Scotland taken from Th. Pont &c. and that of Ireland drawn from Petti. All corrected by various Observations By G. De L'Isle Geographer of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. House of Dezauche, Successor of Srs. De l'Isle and Buache, Rue des Noyers. With Privilege of the King Revised and Corrected in 1772."

Influential map of the British Isles by Jean Claude Dezauche, “Successor to De L’Isle and Buache.” First published in 1702 using excellent source material; Speed for England and Wales, Pont for Scotland, and Petty for Ireland. Bottom right shows the coasts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France, and at the upper right appears the southern tip of Norway. Important fishing banks in the North Sea are prominently illustrated, and De Kimmen ou le Borneur traces what is now known to be the edge of the European continental shelf.

The note at lower left explains that De L’Isle doubts the existence of the islands of Brasil and Assmanda, which appeared on earlier maps. The large title cartouche incorporates mermen, fishing nets, sea birds, and sea monsters, and is surmounted by Neptune. Another decorative cartouche contains five distance scales flanked by hunting dogs. This is the eighth state, a testament to the accuracy and value of De L’Isle’s output. Published after Dezauche acquired De L’Isle's plates following Buache's death in 1773. There is no engraver's imprint on this state.