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Macedonia Epirus et Achaia: Mercator 1639

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  • Title: Macedonia Epirus et Achaia
  • Author: Gerard Mercator
  • Date: 1639
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Very Good Plus - age toning, issued center fold
  • Inches: 17 1/2 x 14 3/4 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 44.4 x 37.4 [Image]
  • Product ID: 233007

This exquisite hand-colored antique map depicting the Roman provinces of Macedonia, Epirus, and Achaia was published in 1639 from engravings produced by pioneering map-maker Gerardus Mercator the previous century.

Mercator was one of the most influential map-makers in history. His Atlas Sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura (1595) was the first collection of maps to be called an atlas. His 1560 World Map was the first to represent sailing courses of constant bearing (rhumb lines). He also wrote extensively on philosophy, history and mathematics.