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Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries of the Second American Grinnell Expedition: Kane 1853-56

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  • Title: Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries of the Second American Grinnell Expedition
  • Author: Elisha Kent Kane
  • Date: 1853-56
  • Medium: Lithograph
  • Condition: Fair
  • Inches: 19 x 12
  • Centimeters: 48 x 30.5
  • Product ID: 306007

The Second Grinnell expedition of 1853–1855 was an American effort, financed by Henry Grinnell, to determine the fate of Franklin's lost expedition. Led by Elisha Kent Kane, the team explored areas northwest of Greenland, now called Grinnell Land.

While failing to determine the fate of Sir John Franklin, the expedition set a new record for northward penetration, delineated 960 miles (1,540 km) of unexplored coastline north of 82° latitude, and discovered the long-sought open Polar Sea. Kane collected valuable geographical, climate, and magnetic observations before abandoning the brig Advance to the pack ice in 1855. While three members of the crew were lost, the epic journey of the survivors inspired the public with a vivid tale of Arctic survival.