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Mappemonde en deux Hemispheres: Monin c. 1839

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  • Title: Mappemonde en deux Hemispheres
  • Author: Charles V. Monin
  • Date: c. 1839
  • Medium: Hand-colored engraving
  • Condition: Very Good - wear along issued folds, light scuffing, surface dirt, and creasing in margins
  • Inches: 20 1/8 x 15 1/8 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 51.12 x 38.42 [Paper]
  • Product ID: 312009

Map of the world in the eastern and western hemispheres from Atlas Classique de la Geographie Ancienne, du Moyen Age et Moderne by Charles V. Monin. Features a diagram which compares the heights of the world's tallest mountains. Map labels countries and key cities, as well as major lakes, rivers, and topographical details. In North America at the time of publication, Mexico still controlled what is now the southwestern United States. The map labels present-day Alaska as 'Amerique Russe,' and shows Germany extending south to Italy and the Austrian Empire reaching to the Black Sea.