Verus Chersonesi Tauricae Seu Crimeae: Covens & Mortier 1737

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  • Title: Verus Chersonesi Tauricae Seu Crimeae Conspectus
  • Author: Covens & Mortier
  • Date: 1737
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Very Good Plus - sticker on plastic not map
  • Inches: 29.75 x 22 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 75.6 x 55.6 [Paper]
  • Product ID: 233012

Verus Chersonesi Tauricae Seu Crimeae Conspectus adjacentium item Regionum itinerisq ab Excercitu Rutheno Ao. MDCCXXXVI et MDCCXXXVII aduersus Tattaros Lusceptis

Map documenting the Russo-Turkish War showing the route of the Russian Army in an expedition against the Crimean Tatars, 1736-37.