Satan Viewing the Ascent to Heaven: Martin 1824-25

Satan Viewing the Ascent to Heaven: Martin 1824-25

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  • Title: Satan Viewing the Ascent to Heaven
  • Author: John Martin
  • Date: 1824-25
  • Medium: Mezzotint
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 8 x 10.5 [Image]
  • Centimeters: 20.32 x 26.67 [Image]
  • Product ID: 4271

From The Paradise Lost of John Milton (pub. 1846), Book 3, Line 301

As God the Father and the heavenly host follow Satan's journey from Hell into Paradise, God foresees that His creation will fall prey to temptation. The Son volunteers himself as a sacrifice for man's redemption, to which the Father replies:

"So heavenly love shall outdo hellish hate,
Giving to death, and dying to redeem,
So dearly to redeem what hellish hate
So easily destroyed, and still destroys
In those who, when they may, accept not grace.
Nor shalt thou, by descending to assume
Man's nature, lessen or degrade thine own.
Because thou hast, though throned in highest bliss
Equal to God, and equally enjoying
God-like fruition, quitted all, to save
A world from utter loss, and hast been found
By merit more than birthright Son of God,
Found worthiest to be so by being good,
Far more than great or high; because in thee
Love hath abounded more than glory abounds;
Therefore thy humiliation shall exalt
With thee thy manhood also to this throne:
Here shalt thou sit incarnate, here shalt reign
Both God and Man, Son both of God and Man,
Anointed universal King; all power
I give thee; reign for ever, and assume
Thy merits..." (Paradise Lost III.298-319)