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TOP SECRET D-Day Map, Defences - St. Marie Du Mont

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Original pre-invasion D-Day map of parts of the Omaha and Utah beaches

War Office map of the American Sector, D-Day landing beaches dated April, 1944, updated with Operation Overlord details from May, 1944. Printed just weeks or days prior to the invasion, with exceptionally well cataloged information regarding enemy positions, guns, (anti-air, anti-tank or anti-personnel), and defenses compiled from aerial photographs and existing French triangulation. Labeled "Top secret until issued for briefing ground troops, thereafter secret" in the top right corner and in the top left, "this map not to be flown in operational aircraft", in the event that aircraft was downed by the enemy.

In the months of meticulous planning ahead of the invasion, American combat divers, also known as "Frogmen", took note of even the most minute details of the beach including, under cover of night, taking samples of sand to ensure that it would be possible for allied armor to advance up the beach without potentially becoming mired in soft terrain. The detail of all known enemy positions and defensive weaponry, all printed on the map itself, are identifiable via a large legend printed in blue ink on the verso.

In museum-quality distressed leather custom framing by The Antiquarium