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Georgetown and The City of Washington: Johnson 1861

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  • Title: Johnson's Georgetown and The City of Washington The Capital of the United States of America
  • Author: A. J. Johnson
  • Date: 1861
  • Medium: Hand-Colored Lithograph
  • Condition: Very Good +
  • Inches: 17.25 x 14.25 [Paper]
  • Centimeters: 43.8 x 36.2
  • Product ID: 306144

Map of Washington, D.C. as it appeared in 1861. Contains inset views of the Smithsonian, the Capitol, and the Washington Monument. Interestingly, the Washington Monument was not completed until 1884 - it sat unfinished between 1854 and 1877 due to lack of funds and the outbreak of the Civil War. When the project did eventually restart, the builders used a different type of marble, resulting in a noticeable line about a third of the way up the obelisk that indicates its formerly-incomplete state. Johnson's map, published well before the monument's completion, pictures the original construction plan designed by Robert Mills which included a colonnade wrapping around the obelisk's base. Though this idea was later discarded, it appears that in 1861 Johnson still had faith in the monument's completion, colonnade and all.